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Affordable Data Entry Services & Data Typing Solutions

"WebDataTechIndia (WDTI) specialize in data entry services, data capture from web to excel or word and data typing project for retail, academic, healthcare, legal, finance, automotive, energy and utility, manufacturing, media & publishing, global businesses and individuals."

Data entry outsourcing services at WDTI provides accurate, timely and affordable data entry services for variety of industrial requirements. Whether you have few thousands, millions of records or bulk paper forms you want converted to electronic format; our highly experienced team of data entry operators, typists, proofreaders and editors has the capability to handle any volume of data entry, data typing, data input, data capturing, formatting, editing and analysis projects quickly.

At WDTI we believe in providing best outsourcing solutions for your data management work. Cost savings of up to 30%-50%, quick turnaround time and 100% data security.

Which Data Entry Service are You Looking for?

  • Documents Re-typing
  • Invoice, Receipts, and Bills Data Entry
  • Name & Address List Typing in Word Mailing Format
  • Typing Business Letters, Lease Documents, Agreements etc.
  • Documents Formatting in forms of Figures and Charts
  • Download Data from Website and Input in Excel Spreadsheets
  • Data Entry from Hard Copies
  • Excel Data Entry into Respective Fields
  • Data Entry from PDF to Word
  • Printed Data Keying to Online Database
  • Data Entry from all Ready Online Shops i.e. eBay, Amazon
  • Data Entry of Handwritten Documents
  • Typesetting from Word to InDesign
  • Data Typing from Survey Forms, Handwritten Notes to Templates
  • Mp3 Audio Data Typing
  • Data Cleansing and Updating for Insurance Companies
  • Word or PDF OCR and Proofreading
  • Regular Bookkeeping for Bookkeeping Firms
  • Insurance Claims Entry
  • Data Entry from Images
  • Data Entry of Hospital Records, Patient Notes and Accident Reports
  • Data entry of Government Reports including Birth Records, Municipal Records and other Legal Documents
Data Entry

WebDataTechIndia - Advantages:

  • Accurate and Quick Data at a Reasonable Price
  • Assured Data Security, and Confidentiality
  • Capability to Expend for Urgent Data Entry Projects Quickly
  • Extensive Set of Tools and Experienced Staff
  • Fast and Accurate 10 Key Data Entry
  • Multi-Level Quality Check to Assure Highest Level of Accuracy
  • State-of-Art Infrastructure to Deliver Round the Clock Services

WDTI team is focused and committed on giving every client personalize attention, best data entry services at the competitive offshore data entry price.