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Insurance Data Capture and Processing Service by WDTI

"We offer precise insurance data capture and data processing services to global insurance companies and agencies optimizing their document and data-centric business process; enabling them improve data accuracy and streamline processes."

WDTI's trained and experienced team of professionals perform accurate, quick and reliable data capture, data entry, OCR/ICR and data processing of your customers contact details, data and business documents ensuring highest level of accuracy and data security.

In the competitive world of Insurance industry the companies who can limit processing cost while providing highest level of customer satisfaction often get benefits; and we are helping our clients with this only.

WDTI's Data Capture and Processing Solution Provides:

  • Data Capture from Printed Documents (OCR)
  • Data Capture from Hand Written Text (ICR)
  • Data Capture from Check Marks (OMR) & Barcodes (OBR)
  • Capture and Enter Data from Structured or Un-structured Data Source
  • Accurate Data Recognition, Classification and Extraction
  • Data Validation
  • Data Input and Processing Of Variety of Forms and Document Types
  • High-volume Scanning, Capture and Process Image Documents for Back-End

Our top-notch data capturing and processing services for insurance documents, images and files enable insurance companies to respond quickly to their customers. At the same time, our services help companies access service data easily regardless of format and platform, reduce response time, reduce costs, streamline business process and data communication with customers, partners and employees.

Our Data Capture and Processing Team Can Handle any Type of Insurance Forms:

  • Life insurance forms
  • Insurance claim forms
  • Health insurance forms
  • Doctor's medical report
  • Vehicle policies
  • Accident insurance forms
  • House/apartment insurance
  • Dental insurance claims
  • Theft insurance
  • Fire insurance
  • General disaster insurance
  • Flood insurance
  • Customer / Employee records forms

WDTI team is focused and committed on giving every client personalize attention, best data capture and processing services at the competitive offshore price.