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Book Scanning Services For Writes, Authors and Publishers

WebDataTechIndia (WDTI) is a professional data processing and management company providing different types of scanning services to varied clients. Our cost-effective and timely book scanning services can help you in storing and distributing the soft copies at the appropriate times.

With the increased usage of digital devices, it has now become necessary to digitize the hard copies, so that the information can easily be shared among the masses. Our book scanning services will ensure efficient digitization of books and helps to increase your readers.

No matter, whether you are an individual seeking to convert one of two of your books to the soft copies or you are an agency seeking scanning services for your large inventory of books, contact WDTI today and we will provide you with fully customized results.

Book Scanning

Book Scanning Services We Offer:

  • Historical books
  • Technical books
  • Legal books
  • Financial books
  • Magazines and periodicals
  • Manuals
  • Log books
  • Drawing books

At WebDataTechIndia, we have highly advanced scanning facilities, by the help of which we convert the pages into the digital form in a quick and accurate manner. We can convert the books and documents into any of the formats as desired by you such as Word, TXT, RTF, eBook or audio books.

Our team of well experienced digital editors render the proper formats to pages being converted to the soft copies, strictly as per the specifications set by the clients.

Book Scanning Procedure:

  • Once you place your service order post the quote approval, we receive your bunch of books through the courier services
  • After that, we start the book scanning operations and save them in the proper formats
  • In the last phase, we run our quality and accuracy check processes and finally deliver the digital scanned copies to you through email or secure file transfer protocols

We also deliver back the hard copies of books to your respective shipping addresses. We always make sure that your books don't get crumbled throughout the project execution phases.

Opt For the Book Scanning Services at WDTI and Avail the Following Benefits:

  • Handling of large volumes of books
  • Competitive prices of the services
  • Special discounts in bulk orders
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Assured security of your books and final digital files

Contact us, for more information about scanning charges and other benefits offered.