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Microfilm Scanning Services

If you are searching out for microfilm scanning services, then try out WDTI. We are a professional service provider dealing in the retrieval of essential data from the microfilms.

Microfilm Scanning Services

By making use of the latest scanning technologies, we extract the accurate texts and the exact pictures out of the microfilms. We have the efficient workforce and the required technical capabilities to handle large volume of microfilm scanning projects and deliver the outputs within a fast interval of time. Clients can get access to the output files in any of their desired formats such as PDF, TIFF etc. and in their desired modes such as CD, DVD or FTPs.

WebDataTechIndia (WDTI) offers the microfilm scanning services to a wide range of professional organizations related to the financial, educational, legal, healthcare and technology domains. With the help of our superior technology, we assure our clients of the utmost security of their microfilm data throughout the project execution state till the final delivery of data.

WDTI offers the following benefits through its microfilm scanning services:

  • Access to proper data integration facilities
  • Access to output data in any of the desired formats
  • Flexible pricing schemes
  • Access to advanced scanning devices and software tools
  • Fast turnaround time of the projects

We can scan both the 16 mm and 35 mm microfilms. Our state of the art scanners can automatically adjust the image densities as per the variations in the microfilms and can scan the texts and images in a fast interval of time. We can provide you with greyscale or bi-tonal images depending upon your specific requirements.

In addition to the microfilm scanning services, we also provide our clients with the associated data indexing and synchronization services. We can index the scanned documents in coordination with any of the existing databases of yours, so that it can easily be imported to your organization's databases. Through our comprehensive data conversion and migration services, we aim to provide cost-effective solutions to our clients, so that they can easily get access to the required information and data at the appropriate times.

Our technically efficient workforce puts much emphasis on the confidentiality of your data and thus you can remain assured of elimination of chances of any type of losses to your microfilm data.