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Legal Transcription Services

To attend and address the legal transcription services requirements of the legal fraternity, WDTI provides an assortment of legal transcription services. When compared with the quality and affordability of our legal transcription services, these are at par to our other transcription services.

Our legal transcription services include the following:

Legal Transcription Services
  • Briefs
  • Letters
  • Depositions
  • Administrative hearings
  • Legal examinations
  • Summons
  • Court tapes
  • MOM
  • Proceedings at meetings/conferences
  • Telephone conversations
  • General correspondence
  • Jury instruction

The benefits of outsourcing legal transcription services to us:

  • Very specialized legal transcription services
  • Separate teams to handle various requirements
  • Legal transcriptionists are proficient in all legal terminologies
  • Highly secure work environment
  • Extremely accurate legal transcriptions
  • Ever active customer support team

We have been transcribing legal reports precisely with word to word accuracy. Clearly understanding your business requirements, our skilled and competent legal transcriptionists have been working very hard to see to it that the transcribed legal material is utmost accurate in all respects. With constant infrastructure renewal and absorbing the most modern legal transcription tools and technologies, we are able to cater to all your legal transcription services requirements, whether big or small.