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Web Scraping Services - Extracts Specific Data for Your Business

WebDataTechIndia (WDTI) offers cost effective data extraction, web scraping services, and data scraping services, web spiders, bot crawlers, web spiders, aggregator software and developing media for the web engine.

Web Scraping Services

We have a decade more of experience in web scraping and are serving more than a hundred clients all over the world. We have all the requisite skills to extract data from websites that block the IP sites requiring JavaScript, login, frame, Ajax, flash websites, iframes and even if the website requires Captcha verification.

We also have the capabilities to extract data from websites that has a range of 50 to a billion of records and will be able to deliver you the output in any format that you would like it to be. This will include Excel, CSV, MS Access, MySQL, MSSQL Dump and XML in most instances.

If you own a business or are about to start one, do remember that there is always difference between automating the process and doing all of it manually. We are all about the data, and will provide you every other statistics that creates uniformity in your business.

The Possible Applications of our Web Scraping Services include:

  • Capturing data from financial websites, real estate values, yellow pages, job websites
  • Online newspaper for most relevant information
  • Duplicating online databases
  • Sending alerts for featured products and services
  • Capturing auction information
  • Capturing travelling data
  • Web crawling for the most recent updates
  • Data mining with large text chunks
  • Preparing the collected data in a variety of formats
  • and much more

WebDataTechIndia (WDTI) has established itself as one of the prime organizations providing web data scraping services. Our team members have the experience in working across a variety of platforms and come with expertise in several industries. While we ensure the best quality of data for your requirement, you can be sure to gain success from our relationship. If you are looking for any query related to our field of business, we would be the best people for the same.